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Our Pricing Structure

Below we'll try and show you how we price our journeys from a price per mile basis, currently £1.75 per mile with a minimum fare of £15 through to a daily rate. We also list a summary for those of you who like to skip to the bottom.

Please note that we DO NOT undertake regular private hire work, pubs or clubs. For this type of work, please consult one of the taxi companies listed in our links page.

Price per Journey

This depends on where we pick up from and final destination.

Some customers will have certain regular journeys where we will issue them with a price list for those journeys.

Waiting Time - This is charged at £20.00 per hour in increments of 15 minutes.

Airport Pickups - Waiting time is only charged after an 1h 30m of the flight actually landing and not the scheduled arrival time. Therefore, you will not be charged waiting time if your flight is delayed.

Airport Car Park Charges - We will only put the car in the Airport car park once the flight has actually landed. We will not charge you for the first hour in the car park. However, any additional time incurred in the car park whilst waiting will be charged to the customer.

As a rule of thumb, our prices average £1.75 per mile - some routes being less and others being more.

Minimum Fare - Our minimum fare is £15.

We will give you a fixed quotation for the journey beforehand.

Price per Day

You can if you wish, book a car for the day at our fixed rate of £300.00 plus expenses (up to 8 hours)

What are the expenses? These are as follows:

  1. Fuel - Car will pick you up with a full fuel tank, shortly before dropping you off, the car will be fueled up and whatever the cost of re-fuelling will be charged to the customer.

  2. Parking, tolls, congestion charging

  3. Accommodation / Overnight Stay - where a journey involves an overnight stay, the cost of the drivers accommodation at a Premier Travel Inn or Express by Holiday Inn (or similar type of accommodation) will be charged to the customer plus an additional £50.00

  4. An overnight stay constitutes up to 10 hours, commencing from the time the daily rate allowance finishes, or when one arrives at the Motel/Hotel, whichever comes first

  5. Additional hours - any and all additional hours will be charged at £20.00 per hour

  6. NOTE: Where a booking is made on a price per day, if it is a one way journey, for instance, London to Edinburgh, the customer will be charged for the cost of fuel for the the drivers' return journey and, when necessary, the drivers overnight stay, cost as above

In Brief

For All Journeys - Price will be quoted in advance so you know how much its going to cost from the start.

Airport Transfers - Prices vary per airport. Please contact us for current price.

Average Price per mile - £1.75 per mile

Airport Parking Charges - 1st hour is free, any additional time will be charged to the customer

Waiting Time - Charged at £20 per hour in 15 minute increments.

On inbound flights, waiting time only commences 90 minutes after flight has landed and not after scheduled arrival time.

Price per day - Charged at £300 per day plus expenses.

Minimum Fare - Our minimum fare is £15.